About The Lukather Singers’ Studio

Building a foundation for lifelong singing is the goal of Lukather Singers’ Studio. Also known as LSS, we are comprised of a community of students at all levels - from beginners to professionals.
Through curriculum-based study, instruction is offered for regularly scheduled lessons in-studio or via Skype. Coaching, masterclasses, workshops, and recitals supplement the in-studio learning and performance experience.  Students may also select to participate in Certificate of Merit through The Royal Conservatory of Music.
LSS is a resource for industry networking, auditioning, project and role preparation, auditioning, and regional and national competitions. Based on the time-honored method of Bel Canto singing, students are encouraged to study core classical repertoire in addition to their preferred style and genre. Contemporary techniques of vocal production, such as mixing and belting, are taught where application is appropriate.